A Journey To Find Balance


I embarked on the greatest journey of my life in 2002- the journey to find myself and the realisation of how my body works when in balance.
Palle Drakenberger became my guide and travel companion – a better guide than Palle is hard to find.
Palle has a great knowledge and understanding of the human body and mind. He used this knowledge when he, with great patience and understanding guided me past the pain.
The goal on my journey was to find the lost keys – the keys to my muscles since many years locked in cramp.
With the help of Palle and Basic Body Awareness I could finally unlock my cramped muscles and be freed from the pain they caused. My back, which previously consisted of a number of painful knots, became flexible again. My frequent headaches and neck pains disappeared without a trace.
Thanks to Basic Body Awareness I have been able to find a functional body posture.
The painful memories that caused me my cramped up back are now transformed into a humble knowledge about the possibilities that comes from a life in balance.

Hjördis Thelander
Journalist, painter and illustrator
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