Our Work


I work as a teacher for children with special needs at a High school in Helsingborg.

Circumstances in my own life had left painful traces in my body. When I was trying to cure these painful traces I came in contact with Basic Body Awareness method. I felt immediate relief and my pains disappeared one by one.

My education within the field of BK started 1996, and has continued ever since.


My every day work is as home ed teacher at the Högastenskolan school in Helsingborg

I started dancing at 6 years of age. The education continued at the Danshögskolan and Balettakademin in Stockholm.

As a professional dancer and entertainer, my body lasted for 28 years. Thereafter, I came in contact with BK. Daily training for a long period of time, made me pain free.

Through curiosity of my body and soul, throughout my career, I have lived through most pains and aches in muscles and joints. This means that I have a deep knowledge of the healing ability of the body.

I am a licensed dermatologist, massage terapist, stylist and makeup artist.

Our work together:

Our tutor, ever since we started our education in Basic Body Awareness, has been the very experienced Ingrid Olsson-Nordgren, psychotherapist, physiotherapist and former teacher at the Institute for Basic Body Awareness.